Times 英国大学排名: 71 QS 世界大学排名: 无
£ 294.00
课程等级: 本科
课程时长: 36 月
入学时间: 九月
学费(每年): £11,950.00
Our Acting and Performance course at our Farnham campus focuses on preparing actors to flourish, both on stage and screen. Using the camera as a teaching and learning tool, this course offers a uniquely creative springboard. It’s a practical based course, with a bias towards finding your individual voice through writing and devising, as well as more traditional skill development. With a dual emphasis on recorded and live performance, you’ll be immersed in learning the core skills of voice and movement, along with a range of techniques for camera, microphone and stage. You'll learn how to use technology and equipment relevant to the industry, giving you a variety of skills to take into the performing arts sector. We’ll encourage you to draw on your own interests and background in your explorations and performances. Our partnerships and connections with Farnham Maltings mean you’ll benefit from a network of professional theatre makers and extensive resources, including performance and rehearsal spaces. On campus, you’ll also have access to rehearsal rooms, a cinema, TV studio, sound recording studios and filmmaking equipment. Similar courses that we offer: Performance for Stage and Screen - UCA Rochester
学历证书 毕业证书,学位证书,中英文对照的在读证明。
语言成绩单 主要指雅思成绩单。
成绩单 申请时需提交前置所有成绩单,当前课程完成后补交最终完整成绩单。
个人陈述(PS) 申请人对自己情况的整体概述。
两封推荐信 学术推荐信为最佳,如有工作经验可提供工作或实习推荐信。
资格和获奖证书 申请人获得的较高水平的资质或奖励证明。
工作或实习证明 已经工作或参加过实习的申请人需要提供工作或实习证明。
  1. 注:
  1. 所有的申请材料都需要原件彩色扫描件。
  2. 所有文件需为英文或中英文对照模式。
  3. 以上材料并不是全部必须提供,具体以客户经理要求为准。